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Since 2011 Landert Germany has been active as an asset manager and capital market consultant with excellent investment results. In addition, we offer capital market-related family office services as well as strategic asset allocation advice. In addition to individually designed portfolios and institutional funds, we also manage three mutual funds (Landert Active Equity, Landert Bond Opportunities, Landert Stiftungsfonds) that reflect our European equity and bond strategy as well as asset allocation decisions for conservative mandates. On the basis of our own research, we pursue an independent risk controlled investment strategy. We consciously serve only a small group of clients to ensure an optimum of service and individuality. Landert Family Office offers wealthy private individuals and their families, foundations, pension funds and insurance companies tailor-made services.




Our independence guarantees a cost-efficient, transparent safeguarding of client’s interests on the basis of a limited banking power of attorney and the free choice of the custodian bank.


Private Wealth Management: Tailor-made asset management based on in-depth quantitative and qualitative inhouse research. We focus our research on asset allocation and the selection of European equities and corporate bonds supplemented with hidden champions of medium-sized companies. In addition, we emphasize active risk management on an institutional quality level.

Capital market consultant: Longstanding successful capital market experts are your personal advisors related to capital markets and strategic issues.

Fund management: Managers of individually applicable mutual funds, which reflect the core investment competences of Landert:

Landert Active Equity (WKN: A1JSW2)

Landert Bond Opportunities (WKN: A1JSW3)

Landert Stiftungsfonds (WKN: A1WZ0S).




On this page we publish information about our company or our views on capital markets from time to time.


Dr. Gerhard Landert



Our client are at the focus of our advisory and asset management services. We base our services on your goals, your wishes and your future plans, taking into account your financial situation in its entirety.




The Landert Group was founded in Switzerland in 1977 by Dr. Gerhard Landert as a capital market consultant with a strong research background. In 2011, Landert Deutschland AG was founded, which is now active in Stuttgart and its headquarters in Cologne. Management holds stakes in the company.


Dr. Gerhard Landert

Corporate Philosophy

We behave as partners of our clients for the management of their assets. The key feature is a long lasting relationship with our clients as well as the complete independence of banks.


Our Teams

The Landert Family Office team consists of the following offices:

Team Cologne (D)

Team Stuttgart (D)

Team Zollikon (CH)


Cologne (D)
Phone +49 (221) 99 57 307 700
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Stuttgart (D)
Phone +49 (711) 252 779 00
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